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Dig it Yourself

During our open time in May and June, we have certain fields where you can choose and dig your own iris plants. One field is labeled as to variety, and the other is planted at random (our anonymous field). In the labeled field, there are photo signs by each variety. In the “anonymous” field you need to see the bloom to know what you’re getting – or be

adventurous and dig pot-luck. Either way, they’re all nice.

Dig it yourself iris are priced at $6.89 ($7.50 with tax) and $9.19 ($10.00 with tax) each. These are the prices per plant. Some plants have multiple fans, so you may get several divisions for the price. The Tall Bearded irises are priced at $9.19 ($10.00 with tax), the irises other than Tall Bearded (Miniature Dwarf, Standard Dwarf, and Intermediate Bearded) are priced at $6.89 ($7.50 with tax). There are iris that have been in place for a couple of years and some can be quite large - an excellent value.

You do not need to bring any tools. We provide digging forks and bags at each field. There are also pens to write the names on the sack or on the plant.

Since this is a working farm and the plants are all grown in the field, you should wear sturdy shoes if you’re the one doing the digging. We’ve had people try digging in high-heels or flip-flops, but that is a bit of a challenge. You could also consider bringing along a designated digger.

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